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1、 Make or Buy decisions are: 生产亦或采购的决策是:
A. used for making decisions on whether or not to buy or manufacture products and hence are not relevant to service organization. 被用来决定是否购买或制造产品,因而与服务型组组无关。
B. used by manufacturing organizations and are probably not appropriate for governmental entities. 被制造型组织使用,可能不适用于政府机构。
C. concerned with the comparative cost of contracting versus in-house performance and rarely with other non-cost considerations. 与外包和内部完成之间的相对成本有关,极少与其它非成本因素相关。
D. used in many organizations to increase efficiency and create a competitive advantage for the firm. 被很多组组用来提高效率,并为企业创造竞争优势。
2、When a purchasing manager is requested to participate in a lease-purchase analysis, he/she will probably: 当采购经理被要求参加一项租赁——购买分析时,他/她可能会:
A. tell the requestor that lease-purchase is the responsibility of the finance department and will decline to participate. 告诉对方;租赁——购买分析是财务部门的工作,并拒绝参与。
B. be able to solicit for cost information from suppliers and lessor. 能够从供应商和出租人方面获得成本信息。
C. probably not be able to respond to the request, inasmuch as purchasing personnel are not really trained to do such analyses. 或许不能对该要求作出回应,因为采购人员确实没有受过这种分析的训练。
D. be able to provide purchase information, Out will rely on the finance department to get leasing information. 能够提供采购方面的信息,但需要依靠财务部门获得租赁方面的信息。
3、Which of the following methods of leasing would be appropriate when the lessee wishes to have maintenance included in the price of the lease. 当承租人希望在租赁价格中包括维护费用时,下列租赁方法中哪种比较适合:
A. Financial lease 财务租赁
B. Sale and leaseback 售出并租回
C. Operating lease 经营租赁
D. Dry lease 干式租赁
4、 Purchasing managers should understand fundamental concepts of financing for supply and service purchases as well as purchases of capital equipment. Which of the following methods of financing would be most appropriate for purchases of capital equipment? 采购经理应该了解资本设备采购的基本融资概念,也应该了解供应和服务采购的相应概念。下列融资方法中哪种最适合于资本设备的采购?
A. Factoring of account receivable 通过应收账款融资
B. Sale of long-term bonds 出售长期债券
C. Delayed payments to suppliers 延迟向供应商付款
D. Short-term line of credit from the bank 从银行获得短期信贷额度
5、Cooperative purchasing is a technique that: 合作采购是一项技术,它是:
A. many public sector organizations can use to great advantage. 很多公共部门组组能够用来增强优势。
B. is more relevant to manufacturing and service organization than to other types of organization. 相对于其他类型组织,与制造和服务组织更为相关。
C. should be implemented by hospital and school, but not by city government. 应该由医院和学校采用,但不能由市政部门采用。
D. can lead to lower cost of purchasing but at great loss of efficiency in purchasing. 导致采购成本的减少,但大大降低了采购的效率性。
6、Product standardization programs: 产品标准化项目:
A. will need to coordinate their efforts with the national bureau of standards and measures. 需要将其努力与国家标准度量局进行协调。
B. are designed to reduce cost of purchasing and production through reduction in palls purchased and manufactured. 被设计用来通过减少采购和制造的零部件,降低采购和生产成本。
C. cannot be applied to business processes used by the organization. 对于组织使用的业务程序不适用。
D. are often unsuccessful because of the resistance of production and purchasing personnel to change. 常常不成功,因为生产和采购人员抵制变革。
7、Which of the following inventory functions would be MOST in the mind of the purchasing manager when he plans to avoid “stock outs” of production materials due to inability of suppliers to deliver on time? 在为了避免发生因供应商不能按时交货而导致停工待料进行计划的时候,采购经理的脑海量最应该思考的是下列哪项存货职能?
A. Anticipation 预期
B. Economies of Scale 规模经济
C. Decoupling 减小波动
D. Transportation 运输
8、 What type of inventory consists of goods and materials which are used in support of the production process Out are not included in the finished product?
A. Raw materials 原材料
B. Components 元件
C. Resale goods 转售品
D. MRO维护、修理及运营部件
9、 Economic Order Quantity techniques 经济订货批量技术
A. are more relevant to public sector (governmental) entities than to manufacturing organizations which use MRP. 相对于使用MRP的制造型企业来讲,与公共部门(政府)机构更为相关。
B. are more relevant to independent demand than dependent demand system. 相对于关联性需求系统而言,与独立性需求更为相关。
C. are used to determine when to order goods and materials. 用来确定何时订购货品和原料。
D. are generally applicable in all types of economic situations. 通常适用于所有经济环境。
10、 Given the following information, determine the Economic Order Quantity (EOQ):
A(Annual usage): 10,000 each
S(Order cost):500RMB
P (Unit Delivered Price):200RMB
I(Inventory carrying cost expressed as a decimal fraction of average inventory):0.2
A. 200
B. 300
C. 400
D. 500
11、 Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) systems: 物料需求计划(MRP)系统:
A. are systems used by manufacturers to use an “exploded bill of material” to determine when to order “dependent demand” items. 被制造商用来通过“材料分解清单”确定何时订购“关联性需求”货品。
B. are systems used by automobile manufacturers to integrate all of their business processes into one overall “enterprise-wide system”. 被汽车制造商用来将其业务流程整台为一个总体的企业全面系统。
C. are systems used by service firms to manage their customer relationship. 被服务性公司用来管理其客户关系。
D. are systems used by commercial banks to determine their need for cash and reserve balances from the central bank. 被商业银行用来确定其现金和中央银行储备余额的需要量。
Assume you are a purchasing manager who has just been given the following inventory records:
July 1 100 @ 10.00RMB -----
7月1日 100 @ 10.00 人民币
July 15 50
August 1 200 @ 11.00RMB -----
8月1日 200@ 11.00人民币
August 5 50
August 15 100
12、 What is the value of the inventory as of August 31 st using the LIFO method?
A. 1OOORMB 1000人民币
B. 1050RMB 1050人民币
C. 1100RMB 1100人民币
D. 1150RMB 1150人民币
13、 Using the information above, what is the value of the inventory as of August 31 st using the FIFO method? 使用以上信息,在先进先出法条件下,8月31日的存货价值是多少?
A. 1OOORMB 1000人民币
B. 1050RMB 1050人民币
C. 1100RMB 1100人民币
D. 1150RMB 1150人民币
Assume you have the following inventory.
4“widgets”@5000RMB each
5“gadgets”@ 10,000RMB each
550 “thingmajigs”@ 60RMB each
800“whatsis”@50RMB each
1000 “utiles”@4 RMB each
1000 件“utiles”@每件4人民币
5000“futiles”@3 RMB each
14、 Using ABC management, which of the following items would probably be included in “Category C”?
A. “Widgets” and “Gadgets” “Widgets” 和“ Gadgets”
B. “Utiles” and “Futiles” “Utiles”和“Futiles”
C. “thingmajigs” and “Whatsis” “thingmajigs ”和“Whatsis”
D. “Widgets” and “Futiles” “Widgets”和“Futiles”
15、 Using ABC management, which of the following items would probably be included in “Category A”?
A. “Widgets” and “Gadgets” “Widgets”和“Gadgets”
B. “Utiles” and “Futiles” “utiles”和“Futiles”
C. “thingmajigs” and “Whatsis” “thingmajigs”和“Whatsis”
D. “Widgets” and “Futiles” “Widgets”和“Futiles”
16、 A purchasing manager who wishes to assist the chief financial officer minimize the cost of inventory would probably: 为了协助财务总监将存货成本减至最低,采购经理或许会:
A. wish to increase each order size in order to minimize the per unit purchasing price. 希望增加每笔定单的规模,以将单件采购价格减至最低。
B. maximize the stock levels in order to eliminate the risk of “stockouts”. 将存货水平增至最大,以消除“停工待料”的风险。
C. help decrease inventory turnover. 帮助降低存货周转次数。
D. give considerable attention to warehousing and other “carrying costs”. 给予仓储和其它持有成本足够重视。
17、 A perpetual inventory control system would probably: 一个持久的采购控制系统或许会:
A. be more relevant for a luxury jewelry shop than a supermarket. 相对于超级市场来讲,与豪华珠宝店更为相关。
B. be more relevant for a city government than a for profit entity. 相对于营利性企业来讲,与市政机构更为相关。
C. not require a computer to keep track of inventory. 不需要计算机来保持存货记录。
D. provide more outdated information than a periodic inventory control system. 提供的多是过时信息,而不是一个定期的存货控制系统。
18、 The purchasing manager is often made responsible for disposition of obsolete or surplus materials and equipment Which of the following reason would be most in the mind of the purchasing manager when he/she believes his organization but that others may a need for it: 采购经理通常有责任处置荒废和多余的材料与设备。当采购经理确信本组织不再需要该材料/设备,但其它组织会需要它们的时候,他/她最应该思考下列哪项原因:
A. Investment recovery 恢复投资
B. Technical obsolescence技术荒废
C. Economic obsolescence 经济浪费
D. Space Management 空间管理
19、There are several reasons why purchasing should be given the responsibility for the disposal function. Which of the following reasons would be considered the LEAST IMPORTANT?
    A. Purchasing‘s access to markets, services, and sources. 采购部门接近市场、服务和资源。
B. Purchasing’s ability to draft legally sufficient sales contract terms and conditions. 采购部门有能力合法地起草销售合同条款。
C. Purchasing‘s knowledge of requisitioner ordering habit and patterns. 采购部门了解需求者的订购习惯和行话。
D. Purchasing‘s knowledge of product line discontinuances. 采购部门了解生产线的不连贯性。
20、 Purchasing has many methods of disposal to consider Which of the below methods should be considered only after all other methods have been considered: 采购部门可以考虑很多处置方法。下列哪种方法被认为应该在其它方法之后再给予考虑:
A. Use in other pans of the organization. 在组组其它部门使用。
B. “Abandon in Place” “就地遗弃”
C. Return, resale, or trade-in to suppliers 退回、转售或折价给供应商。
D. Sale to pates other than suppliers 销售给供应商之外的其他当事人。
21、Disposal of hazardous materials may be a particular problem for the purchasing manager Which of the following would not be considered relevant to the process of disposing of hazardous materials?
1. ISO 14000
2. Government hazardous materials regulations 政府危险材料条例
3. ISO 9000
4. Organizational policies and procedures 组织政策和程序
22、 The development of new and improved production and materials management systems:
A. originated in the United States, and spread from there to Japan and Europe. 始于美国,并从那量传播到日本和欧洲。
B. has little or nothing to do with MRP and JIT. 与MRP和JIT关系很小,或根本无关。
C. can help the organization “push the price/attribute curve to the right”. 能帮助组织向右推动“价格品质曲线”。
D. has nothing to do with the “price/attribute curve”. 与“价格/品质曲线”无关。
23、 Keeping suppliers on a long-term relationship: 与供应商保持长期关系:
A. is a key to Improving their commitment to quality inputs. 是改进其对质量投入所做承诺的关键。
B. is similar to reciprocity; the practice may be a violation of the law against monopolies. 类似于互惠;该实践或许会违背反垄断法。
C. is virtually the same thing as “Kanban”, which stalled in Japan. 事实上与始于日本的“看板”是一回事。
D. cannot be implemented without an effective MRP or MRPⅡ system. 没有MRP或MRPⅡ体系就不能实施。
24、A purchasing manager who wishes to implement JIT in his/her organization:
A. will probably be most successful if he works in a hospital or other service-oriented organization. 如果在医院或其它服务组织量工作,或许会最为成功。
B. will need to have already implemented a Materials Requirements Planning system if he/she is going to be successful. 他/她要想获得成功,需要实施材料需求计划系统。
C. will typically have to deal with a large quantity of buffer stock in his/her inventory management system.
D. will often increase efficiency by decreasing warehousing and storage costs. 通过减少仓储成本,通常会增加效率。
25、 A purchasing manager who wishes to use process reengineering in his/her department
A. will take existing purchasing processes and make improvements on them. 采用现存的采购程序,并对其进行改进。
B. will focus on organizational effectiveness and not organizational efficiency. 会着眼于组织有效性,而非组织效率性。
C. will probably be interested in dramatic re-design of business processes. 或许会专注于对业务流程进行戏剧性的再设计。
D. will be interested in increasing his/her staff in order to provide better service to internal and external customers. 会专注于增加他/她的员工,以便向内部和外部客户提供更好的服务。
26、 In TQM, it is the __________ who define what quality is. 在全面质量管理中,是 ___________为质量进行定义。
A. customers 客户
B. managers 经理人
C. engineers 工程师
D. quality managers 质量经理人
27、All managers have critical roles to play in the TQM process Normally, the role of purchasing managers is to ____________ the TQM process. 所有经理人都在全面质量管理中扮演重要的角色。通常采购经理的角色是 ___________ 全面质量管理过程。
A. initiate 发动
B. implement 实施
C. support 支持
D. communicate 沟通
28、 Most new product innovations are of the ___________ type. 大多数新产品创新属于 ___________ 类型。
A. revolutionary 革命性
B. quantum product innovation 定量的产品创新
C. incremental product innovation 累积的产品创新
D. skunkworks 骗人的把戏
29、 Complete the following: The shorter the product life cycle,_________________.
A. the more satisfied is the customer. 客户越满意。
B. the more dissatisfied is the customer. 客户越不满意。
C. the more important it is to innovate. 创新越为重要。
D. the higher the price that can be charged. 可以收取的价格越高。
30、Establishing a smooth-running cross functional team seems to be a critical component of successful product development The core members of a team consist of ___________________________.建立一个顺利运行的跨职能团队看起来是产品开发获得成功的关键组成部分。团队的核心成员包括_______________________。
A. 8 to 12 people who Will be responsible for manufacturing the product. 8到12名负责制造产品的人员。
B. 3 to 6 people who bear responsibility for the product development effort. 3到6名负责产品开发的人员。
C. Everyone who Will be involved in the product development process, which may include hundreds of people. 所有与产品开发过程有关的人员,或许会包括数百人。 
D. 12 to 15 people who Will work on the project as the need arise. 12到15名因需要而从事该项目工作的人员。
31、 The forecasting technique that would be appropriate for use whenever the purchasing manager needs to know if there is a strong relationship between an independent and dependent variable is:
 A. time-series analysis 时间序列分析
B. regression analysis 回归分析
C. producer price Index analysis 制造商价格指数分析
D. learning curve analysis 学习曲线分析
32、A buyer is given the following index information about “Widgets” from the Producer Price Index:
1996  1997  1998  1999  2000  2001
112.8  114.9  118.3  120.5  125.6  130.9
If the price of a “widget” was 50RMB in 1997, what should it be in 2001?
A. 130.9
B. 57
C. 114.9
D. 66
33、 If a purchasing manager and chief financial officer wish to “hedge” in order to insure against a loss on a foreign-currency denominated purchase, they might consider using all BUT WHICH of the following methods: 如果采购经理和财务总监希望采取套期保值方法,以防在一项以外币定价的采购中遭受损失,他们或许应该考虑除了下列哪项之外的所有方法:
A. Purchase of a Forward Currency Contract from a bank. 向银行购买远期货币和约
B. Buying foreign currency on the •spot market and holding it in the company until payment data. 在即期市场买入外币,并持有至付款日期。
C. Buying/selling “puts and calls” in the Futures Market 在期货市场买入/卖出“买卖期货”
D. Using a “Currency Swap” 使用“货币掉期”
34、 Assume you have a contract denominated in US Dollars. Your obligation is to pay $1,000,000 for 5000 “Gadgets” due to be delivered on July 1, 2001 The RMB to USD exchange rate at the time you signed the contract was 8.3RMB/USD On June 15, 2001 the RMB is devaluated to a rate of 10.4RMB/USD. What percentage did you lose on the contract?
 A. 20%
B. 25%
C. 28%
D. 30%
35、 You are forecasting the price of a material you buy for production and have developed the following formula for your projection line: Y (Price of one kilo of the material) = 1,000 RMB + 25.0 RMB/Kilo × (Price of gasoline per liter at). The price of a liter of gasoline at retail is now 15RMB. What is the price of one kilo of the material? 你正在为一种生产原料预测价格,并已经在预测过程中开发出了以下公式:Y (一公斤该原料的价格)=1,000人民币+25.0人民币/公斤×(每公升汽油的零售价格)。现在一公升汽油的零售价格为15人民币。一公斤该原料的价格是多少?
A. 1250
B. 1375
C. 1040
D. 1425
36、 Purchasing efficiency is a measure of: 采购效率用来度量:
A. the appropriateness of the organizational goals chosen by purchasing managers. 由采购经理选择的组织目标的适用性。
B. the degree to which the purchasing manager produces outputs for his/her given level of inputs. 在采购经理特定的投入水平下,他/她制造产出的程度。
C. the degree to which the purchasing manager is able to get his buyers to do what he wants them to do. 采购经理有能力要求采购人员从事其所要求的工作的程度。
D. the appropriateness of the motivation techniques used by the purchasing manager. 采购经理使用的激励技术的适用性。
37、 The level within the organization that requires the greatest degree of conceptual skill is: 组织内需要最高程度的概念性技能的层次是:
A. Vice President of Supply Chain Management 供应链管理的副总裁
B. MRO Buyers 维护、修理及运行部件的采购人员
C. Director of Purchasing and Materials Management 采购和材料管理的负责人
D. Purchasing Manger 采购经理
38、 McDonald's purchasing department recently developed a new automated purchasing system that reduces the amount of time required to place a purchase order by 30 percent. This is an example of a(n) _____________ Improvement in a company. 麦当劳的采购部门最近开发出了一种新的自动采购系统,可以将下采购定单需要的时间减少30%。这是一个公司内 _________________ 改进的例子。
A. Effectiveness 有效性
B. Efficiency 效率
C. Quality 质量
D. Control 控制
39、 Zhang Yue Min at Dongyu Group is considered to be an effective purchasing manager because he is able to provide a clear Vision for employees to follow. Which of the four management tasks must a manager engage in to create a Vision that energizes and engages employees?
A. Planning 计划
B. Organizing 组织
C. Leading 领导
D. controlling 控制
40、 In the bureaucratic school of management, a position should be held based on: 在管理的官僚主义学派中,职位必须基于:
A. leadership skills shown by the manager. 经理人显示的领导技能。
B. social level or personal contact. 社会阶层或个人关系。
C. managerial performance. 管理绩效。
D. membership in a particular organization or group. 在特定组织或团体的成员身份。
41、 The theory of management which focuses on the systematic study of relationships between people and tasks for the purpose of redesigning the work process to increase efficiency is called:
    A. administrative management 行政管理理论
B. behavioral management 行为管理理论
C. management science 管理科学理论
D. scientific management 科学管理理论
42、 Theory Y purchasing managers believe that: 持有Y理论观点的采购经理认为:
A. characteristics of the work setting determine buyer satisfaction. 工作安排的特性决定了采购人员的满意度。
B. the average buyer is lazy, dislikes work, and will try to do as little as possible. 采购人员通常是懒惰的,并会尽一切可能做最少的工作。
C. purchasing managers must closely supervise their buyer. 采购经理必须紧密地监督其采购人员。
D. purchasing managers should create strict work rules and implement a well-defined system of rewards and punishments to control their buyers. 采购经理应该建立严格的工作规章,并实施明确的奖惩体系,以控制其采购人员。
43、 A purchasing manager who believes in Fayol's theory of equity would stress that: 信奉法约尔的公平理论的采购经理会强调:
A. buyers should be paid regardless of their position. 采购人员的报酬应该与其职位无关。
B. all managers in the organization should be treated equally. 组组中所有的经理人应该被同等对待。
C. buyers should be treated with respect and justice. 采购人员应该得到尊敬和公正的待遇。
D. purchasing employees should get equal pay for equal work. 采购员工应该同工同酬。
44、 Purchasing managers who use a centralized authority approach and a vertical hierarchy in a stable environment to minimize the overall cost of purchasing goods and services in order to minimize production costs would be applying which of the following perspectives: 为了将生产成本减至最低,而在稳定的环境中使用集权方法和垂直等级结构,以将采购货品和服务的总体成本减至最低。采取这种作法的采购经理会特有下列哪种观点:
A. Theory Z Z理论
B. Theory Y Y理论
C. Organic structure 有机结构
D. Mechanistic structure 机械结构
45、 The significant finding of the Hawthorne studies (the beginning of the “Behavioral Management” school of management) as it affects purchasing is that: 霍桑实验(行为管理理论学派的开端)的重大发现对采购的影响是:
A. Illumination at very low levels can affect buyer performance. 很低水平的照明能够影响采购人员的绩效。
B. a purchasing manager’s behavior can affect buyer performance. 采购经理的行为能够影响采购人员的缓效。
C. buyers in both control and test groups can increase their productivity. 控制和检测团队的采购人员都能够提高其生产率。
D. buyers can be affected by their environment. 采购人员会受到其所处环境的影响。
46、 As Adam Smith toured English factories in the middle of the 18* th century he found that one innovation in particular drastically improved the output of a factory. His classic example is that of a pin factory. Managers today must recognize that the use of ______________ to produce goods and services, as observed by Smith, can greatly increase production.
18世纪中叶,亚当·斯密参观英国工厂的时候,发现一项特定的创新彻底改善了工厂的产出。其经典的例子是一家别针生产厂。今天的经理人必须认识到,正如斯密所观察到的那样,在生产货品或服务中使用 ______________ 可以大幅度地增加产量。
 A. scientific management 科学管理
B. job enlargement 工作扩大化
C. job specialization 工作专业化
D. job enrichment 工作丰富化
47、 Setting goals is an important pall of a purchasing managers job. The best goals are those that are __________.设定目标是采购经理的一项重要工作。最佳的目标应该是 ____________________。
A. ambitious, ambiguous, and limited 雄心勃勃、模糊、有限
B. ambiguous, realistic, and time-limited 模糊、现实、有时间限制
C. realistic, time-limited, and objective 现实、有时间限制、客观
D. ambitious, realistic, and time-limited 雄心勃勃、现实、有时间限制
48、Michael Porter argued that when analyzing opportunities and threats, managers should pay particular attention to five forces that are the major threats that any organization will encounter. Which of the following forces would be affected by your close long-term business relationships with your suppliers?
A. The level of rivalry among organization in an industry. 行业内组织间的竞争程度。
B. The potential for entry into an industry. 行业的潜在进入者。
C. The power of suppliers. 供应商的力量。
D. The availability of substitute products. 替代品的可得性。
49、In general, the more highly qualified an organization's workforce, __________________
A. the greater the need for centralized control. 越需要集权控制。
B. the greater the need for standard operating procedures. 越需要标准的操作规程。
C. the greater the need for flexible structure. 越需要柔性结构。
D. the lower the need for empowerment. 越不需要授权。
50、 _______________ involves changing the division of labor Oy increasing the number of different tasks in a given job. _______________________ 通过给特定工作增加不同任务的数量,改变了劳动分工。
A. Job design 工作设计
B. Job enrichment 工作丰富化
C. Task significance 任务重要性
D. Job enlargement 工作扩大化